Dentist - Patient Consultation Animations

NEW!  iPad/iPhone app - The Dentist - Patient Consultation Illustrations, now Animated!
It simply couldn't be clearer . . . or easier!
SPECIAL - 50% OFF - Introductory release. Now available in the Apple App Store. 
  • All in motion and full screen, for ultimate patient comprehension.
  • Eliminates your struggle to have patients understand his/her problem.
  • Saves valuable time. 
  • Patients will appreciate your clarity.  
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Now, the world-renowned benchmark Dentist-Patient Consultation Illustrations of Stephen F. Gordon are fully animated.  Your iPad/iPhone instantly becomes the ultimate chairside visual tool for fast, easy, and truly EFFECTIVE one-on-one communication of your dental concepts.

The Dent-Pix app contains 23 animated diagnosis and treatment subjects as found in the original and popular DPCI exam room booklet:  Primary/Permanent Teeth, Normal Teeth, Caries and Repair, Tooth Formation and Primary Caries, Periodontal Disease, Root Decay, Root Canal, Inlays, Onlays, Crown, Bridge, Maryland Bridge, Removable Partial Denture, Pins, Posts, & Cores, Implants, Bonding, Veneers, Sealants, Occlusion, Impaction, Positive Effects-New Denture, TMJ, and Why Crown.
The animations are under your full range of control from the Full Manual slider bar, to the Semi-Auto Play (with key preset stops in the animation sequences), to the Full Auto Play.  All with adjustable speed control, so you can comfortably match the animations to your individual verbal consultation speed.  Easily select and repeat key steps for concept re-enforcement or questions.  Includes Draw on Screen Feature for the Dentist-Patient Consultation Animations of Dent-Pix.


Dent-Pix is also a great tool for hygienists and assistants.  Slide out text panels provide quick subject overview for new staff education.  Dent-Pix, with the gold-standard dental education illustrations of Stephen F. Gordon, will convert your iPad into the most amazing and useful hands-on visual tool in your clinic.  Nothing can replace the conveyance of your concern like the one-on-one consult, and Dent-Pix gives you the ultimate tool to make that important time a true success for you and your patients.   

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